It sounds obvious but it all starts with listening. Whether you are a young brand or a multinational corporation, we get in tune through dialogue. Because on dialogue depends the quality of our work.

And our work is to create ideas and translate them into clear, consistent and effective marketing projects with an unmistakable communicative style. Able to excite, imprint in the memory and arouse the desire to take action. By buying your product, sure. But also by believing in your brand and sharing its values. By listening to what it has to say.

We put ourselves in the game.
As professionals
and as people.

Interests, culture, personal inclinations and skills: in every project we put so much of who we are.

Sometimes a successful idea stems from a personal passion; in a small, harmless quirk can hide the emotional leverage to reach people.

Founder, CEO

Stubborn and precise to the millimeter, he studied at Milan's Scuola Politecnica di Design, where he became passionate about visual communication and discovered an inordinate love for lettering and color. As a child, instead of houses and trees, he drew logos. As he grew up, he embraced the management skills of his entrepreneur father. A student of Heinz Waibl and Bruno Munari, he designs by repeating as a mantra a phrase of the latter: "Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult."

Federico Tessari - Art director
Art director

Between graphic design and economics (studied in separate locations) graphic design got the better of him since he has been an art director for a while. His grandfather and son agree on one fact: he "does designs" for a living, although they imagine two different things. He doesn't reveal how he occupies his free time because with his agency colleagues he always complains that he doesn't have any. Of course, this is not true, and the mystery ignites our imagination.

Ylenia Iannniciello - Graphic designer
Graphic designer

She studied graphic design, specializing in fashion, a field that never ceases to fascinate her especially when it comes to shoes. As soon as she can, she flaunts a talent for photo editing that is suspect to say the least. Let her set her mind to achieve something and you can consider it a done deal. Her daughter is convinced that she makes the advertisements she sees posted on the street on her way to school. In fact, she has a point.

Chiara Andreoli - Graphic designer
Graphic designer

An IED graduate, she is involved in visual design, an expression that translates to "all things image-related." She won't wait too long to ask you for a project delivery date because, yes, on deadlines she is just relentless. The elegant posture she assumes when she sits at her desk -envied by everyone in the agency- is thanks to years of Pilates.

Sabrina Bernabei - Sales

He handles the business side of things, a pretty good job if you try to look at it from his point of view: "selling ideas by making small talk." She studied advertising graphics and practices meditation, an art that amplifies the power of her smile. She is still trying to put into practice the most important lesson, which an experienced colleague gave her one day: sell yourself.

Raffaella Gasparini - Accountant

Fussy and stubborn, she deals with a chapter that everyone looks at with reverential awe: administration. Indeed: administration. She studied accounting and remembers only one thing from memory, something one of her professors used to repeat: "Never do things from memory, accounting is not memory."

Marco Caprari - Production director
Production director

He studied economics and is now in charge of production planning. That is, as he once explained to his son, he decides how much what APVD produces costs. He is basically in the thorny position of having to put a price on ideas. His day lasts an unspecified number of hours since in his spare time he runs, reads, listens to music and goes to concerts, and plays fantasy soccer.

Giordano Setti - Digital printing
Digital printing

He is a digital print worker, a field in which he lets nothing slide, something he is sometimes - reluctantly - forced to do in life, like everyone else. He cannot thank enough an uncle to whom he owes his ability to fix things, things of any kind. In the agency he is known to be tireless; in fact, he never ends up on the mat. Could it be because he boxing?

Jessica Vezzani - Graphic designer
Graphic designer

He studied advertising graphics. He sees the world in color but it's not just a matter of optimism-we suspect his eye perceives more, he's a natural. He hears that pride is a flaw but thinks it's all a colossal misunderstanding. The fact is that she has an endless list of things she is proud of.

Silvia Gasparini - Digital printing
Digital printing

To say that she "does" digital printing does not give an idea of how painstakingly she does it. She still thanks those who taught her the importance of putting those who come after in a position to work well-it's a matter of karma, she says. She has a superpower impossible to describe in words other than these: being everywhere. Now she explains why in her spare time she likes to get out of the house.